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The Roxy Club, London WC2, Gigography 21/12/76-24/4/78

The Roxy Club, Convent Garden, 41-43 Neal Street, London WC2 (tel. 836 8811): Open every night except Fridays during January, From 1st of February open 7 nights a week, Free membership. Open 8.30 p.m. to 2 a.m. Admission fee varies (normally £1), Free admission on non-group nights during January. Used to be a gay London nightspot in Covent Garden called Shageramas, Andy Czezowski converted the club into London's first live punk rock venue called The Roxy.

tu 21/12/76: Generation X/Siouxsie & The Banshees

sa 1/1/77: The Clash, Chelsea, Sounds (adm. £1.25)
sa 8/1/77: The Jam, Wire
tu 11/1/77: Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
w 12/1/77: The Vibrators (l)
sa 15/1/77: Generation X (l), The Adverts
m 17/1/77: The Damned, Eater, The Boys
w 19/1/77: Slaughter & The Dogs, The Adverts
th 20/1/77: Squeeze (l), The Zips (l) (later known as Warsaw Pakt)
sa 22/1/77: The Stranglers, A Play! with real actors
m 24/1/77: Buzzcocks, Chelsea
tu 25/1/77: Buzzcoks (l)
th 27/1/77: The Vibrators (l), The Drones, Outsiders
sa 29/1/77: Generation X (l), Penetration
su 30/1/77: The Damned
m 31/1/77: The Damned (l), The Rejects (later known as The Homosexuals)

sa 5/2/77: The Cortinas
w 9/2/77: The Vibrators, The Rejects, Eater
Sa 12/2/77: Slaughter & The Dogs (l), The Beasty Cads (later known as The Models, feat. Marco Pirroni later to Adam & The Ants)
m 14/2/77: The Damned, The Adverts
w 16/2/77: The Vibrators (3 sets), (G.B.H.?)
f 18/2/77: The Boys (recorded gig, but never released)
sa 19/2/77: The Cortinas (l), The Bombers (l)
su 20/2/77: Reggae Night
m 21/2/77: The Damned (l), The Adverts, Johnny Moped
tu 22/2/77: The Late Eddie Cochran
w 23/2/77: Slaughter & The Dogs (l), G.B.H.
th 24/2/77: The Jam, The Rejects, Wire
f 25/2/77: The Only Ones, Kubie & The Rats (known as The Rats)
sa 26/2/77: Shakin' Streets/Beasty Cads
su 27/2/77: Possible biggie - ring 836 8811 for details
m 28/2/77: The Damned, (Chelsea?), Johnny Moped, The Adverts
w 2/3/77: Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers
th 3/3/77: Johnny Thunders & Heartbreakers, Cherry Vanilla & The Police (l)
fr 4/3/77: Wayne County & The Electric Chairs (l), The Police
sa 5/3/77: Cherry Vanilla, The Police (or Slaughter & The Dogs, The Boys)
fr 11/3/77: Buzzcocks?, X-Ray Spex
w 16/3/77: The Boys, Wire
th 17/3/77: Eater (l)
f 18/3/77: Johnny Moped
tu 22/3/77: The Jam (l), The Rejects, (Shane MacGowan performed 'Downtown' acapella)?
w 23/3/77: Eater (l), Sham 69, (The Jam?)
th 24/3/77: The Boys (l), Kubie & The Rats, The Adverts
fr 25/3/77: Slaughter & The Dogs, Chelsea, The Adverts
sa 26/3/77: Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Slits
tu 29/3/77: The Stranglers
th 31/3/77: The Damned, Johnny Moped

/4/77: Motörhead
fr 1/4/77: The Cortinas, The Models, (Wire?)
sa 2/4/77: Recording of 'The Roxy, London WC2' - released 10/6/77 - Buzzcocks, Wire, X-Ray Spex, Smak (later The Unwanted; pre-Psychedelic Furs), Johnny Moped
th 7/4/77: Buzzcocks
su 10/4/77: Sex Pistols, Slits (adm. free)
sa 16/4/77: High Mileage (l)(a)
m 18/4/77: Wayne County (a)(r)
tu 19/4/77: Buzzcocks
th 21/4/77: Ozo (l)(a)
f 22/4/77: Slaughter & The Dogs (l)(a), The Lurkers
sa 23/4/77: Siouxsie & The Banshees (l)(a), The Violators (l)
m 25/4/77: Crazy Caven & The Rhythm Rockers (a)
th 28/4/77: Downliners Sect (l) (a)
f 29/4/77: Chelsea (l), The Prefects (l), Bethnal (a)
sa 30/4/77: Buzzcocks (l), XTC (a)
m 2/5/77: Count Bishops (a), Cherry Vanilla (l)
th 5/5/77: Rock'n'Roll Nite: Mike Berry & The Original Outlaws (a)(l)
f 6/5/77: New Wave Nite: 48 Hours (a), (later known as 999)
sa 7/5/77: Roogalators (a)
th 12/5/77: Rock'n'Roll Nite: Flight 56 (a)(l)
f 13/5/77: New Wave Nite: London (a), (with drummer John Moss, later The Culture Club)
sa 14/5/77: New Wave Night: Act To Be Arranged (a) Various unknown punkbands
th 19/5/77: Rock'n'Roll Nite: Cadillac (a)
f 20/5/77: Wasps
sa 21/5/77: Johnny Moped
th 26/5/77: Masterswitch, Mean Street
f 27/5/77: Aggravators, Menace
sa 28/5/77: XTC, Sahara Farm, Krakatoa

w 1/6/77: Wire
th 2/6/77: The Models (a), The Framed (a)
f 3/6/77: 999 (a), Bethnal (a)(l)
sa 4/6/77: 999 (l), Mean Street (a) (w/ Gary Numan, later The Lasers and Tubeway Army), The Eyes (a)
?Tu 7/6/77: Sham 69, Skrewdriver
Th 9/6/77: Sham 69 (a)(l), Skrewdriver (a)(l)
f 10/6/77: The Lurkers (a), Mean Street (a), The Police (l)
sa 11/6/77: Wire (a), Adam & The Ants (a), Mean Street
su 12/6/77: Johnny Moped, Mean Street
th 16/6/77: Johnny Moped (a), Mean Street (a)
f 17/6/77: Slaughter & The Dogs (a), The Mutants (a)
sa 18/6/77: The Boys, Mean Street
w 22/6/77: Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds, Shoplifters, Gloria Mundi
th 23/6/77: The Electric Chairs, Alternative TV, Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds
f 24/6/77: The Saints, Neo, Bethnal
sa 25/6/77: The Saints, Mean Street
w 29/6/77: Audition Night: Bernie Torme (a), Icebergs (a), Rikki & The Last Days Of The Earth (a) - 30 p before 7 pm, 50 p before 10 pm.
th 30/6/77: The Electric Chairs (a), Alternative TV (a)(r)

f 1/7/77: The Electric Chairs featuring Wayne County (a)(l), Alternative TV (a), Tones, Skrewdriver
sa 2/7/77: Slaughter & The Dogs (a)(l), Violent (a)
w 6/7/77: Audition Night: Model Mania (a), Zero (a) - 30 p before 7 pm, 50 p before 10 pm.
th 7/7/77: Skinflicks (a), New Hearts (a), London (l)
f 8/7/77: Skrewdriver (a)(l), Renoir (a)
sa 9/7/77: Mean Street (a), Swords (a)
w 13/7/77: Audition Night: Outpatients (a), The Dead (a) - 30 p before 10 pm, 50 p after 10 pm.
th 14/7/77: To Be Arranged (a)
f 15/7/77: Eater (a)(l), Bethnal (a)(l)
sa 16/7/77: Stilletto (a), Sham 69 (a)
w 20/7/77: Audition Night: Transistor (a), The Makers (a), Stinky Toys (a)(l), Killjoys (a) (pre-Dexy's Midnight Runners) - 30 p before 10 pm, 50 p after 10 pm.
th 21/7/77: Siouxsie & The Banshees (a)(l), The Unwanted (a), Swank
f 22/7/77: X-Ray Spex (a)(l), Two Way Army (a) ought to be Tubeway Army (lead by Gary Valeriun, later Gary Numan)
sa 23/7/77: London (a)(l), The Zips (a)
tu 26/7/77: The Bears
w 27/7/77: Audition Night: Transmitters (a), Now (a) - 30 p before 10 pm, 50 p after 10 pm.
th 28/7/77: Mean Street (a)(l), Menace (a)(l), The Rings (a), The Rezillos (a)
f 29/7/77: Dead Fingers Talk (a)(l), Cock Sparra (a) ought to be Cock Sparrer (l)
sa 30/7/77: Dead Fingers Talk (a), New Hearts (a), Neo (a)

w 3/8/77: Audition Night: Clutch Plates, The Bears, Nothing
th 4/8/77: Rikki & The Last Days Of The Earth, Screens
f 5/8/77: Menace, The Killjoys, Zeros
sa 6/8/77: Slack Alice, Bernie torme
w 10/8/77: Audition Night: Bleach, Vile Bodies, Varicose Veins
th 11/8/77: Mean Street (a), Some Chicken, Buzzcocks (l)
f 12/8/77: Ed Banger & The Nosebleeds (a)(l), Sham 69 & The Victims (a), The Now, The Members
sa 13/8/77: Penetration, Cyanide (a), Skrewdriver (a)
su 14/8/77: Mean Street
tu 16/8/77: Riot Squad, Defiant
w 17/8/77: Audition Night: Dole Queue (a), Rabies & Cool Thrust (a) - Adm 50 p.
th 18/8/77: London (a), Johnny Curious & The Strangers (a)
f 19/8/77: Eater (a), The Dead (a), Bethnal (l)
sa 20/8/77: Sham 69 (a)(r), Menace (a), The Dead
tu 23/8/77: Audition Night: Speedometers (a), The Crabs (a)(later in Gary Holton, Angelic Upstarts, now in The Godfathers), The Tax Exiles (a) (w/ welsh writer John Evans on vox) - Adm 50 p.
w 24/8/77: Audition Night: Pink Parts (a), Stormtroopers (a) - Adm 50 p.
th 25/8/77: Slaughter & The Dogs (a), Varicose Veins (a), The Drones (l)
f 26/8/77: The Wasps (a), Rabies (a)
sa 27/8/77: Swank (a), Dole Q (a)

f 2/9/77: Sham 69
tu 6/9/77: Maker, Blue Screaming
w 7/9/77: Audition Night: The Meat (a), Cycles (a), The Tickets (a) (later to Cockney Rejects, then Wasted Youth) - Adm 50 p.
th 8/9/77: The Models (a), The Tools (a)
f 9/9/77: Skrewdriver (a), The Wasps (a)
sa 10/9/77: Tubeway Army, Riot Squad (morning), New Hearts (a)(l), Bazoomies (a)
tu 13/9/77: Monotones, Prof & The Profettes
w 14/9/77: Audition Night: The Blanks (a), The Rook (a) ought to be The Look (?) - Adm 50 p.
th 15/9/77: The Unwanted (a), Tubala Army (a) ought to be Tubeway Army
f 16/9/77: Eater (a), Dole Q (a)
sa 17/9/77: Bazoomies (a), Nipple Erectus (a) ought to be Nipple Erectors (with Shane MacGowan)
tu 20/9/77: Spitfire Boys (l)
th 22/9/77: Cock Sparrer (r), The Bears, Crass
sa 24/9/77: Sham 69 (l), The Tickets (l)
th 29/9/77: (Sham 69?), Radiators From Space (Phil Chevron, later to The Pogues), The Outsiders
f 30/9/77: Sham 69 (l), Radiators From Space (l), Crass, Dole Q

sa 1/10/77: Penetration, Tubeway Army
tu 4/10/77: Fairclough, Blitz Kids
th 6/10/77: Chelsea
sa 8/10/77: Sham 69
f 14/10/77: The Depression
sa 15/10/77: Bazoomies, The Tickets (l)
w 19/10/77: Audition Night: Mistakes (a), Om (a) - Adm 50 p.
th 20/10/77: Spitfire Boys (a), The Suspects (a)
f 21/10/77: Menace (a), Some Chicken (a)
sa 22/10/77: Bazoomies (a), Silent Types (a), Charge (a)
su 23/10/77: Special Punk Disco, Members Free, Jam Sessions Welcome (a)
w 26/10/77: Audition Night: Bricks (a), Charge (a) - Adm 50 p.
th 27/10/77: Outsiders (a), Martin & The Brownshirts (a), Nipple Erectus (a) ought to be Nipple Erectors
f 28/10/77: New Hearts (a), Mistakes & Meat (a)
sa 29/10/77: Toes (a), Satans Rats (a), The Tickets (a)
su 30/10/77: Special Punk Disco, Members Free, Guests 50 p, Jam Sessions Welcome (a)

tu 1/11/77: The Oppressed, Young Death
w 2/11/77: Audition Night: The Ba (a), The Trash (a) - Adm 50 p.
th 3/11/77: The Mistakes (a), Varicose Veins (a), Youthenasia (a)
f 4/11/77: Maniacs (a), Void (a)(l), Monotones (a)
sa 5/11/77: The Skunks (a), Blitz (a), The Night(s) (a)(l), The Now, Nile
su 6/11/77: Punk Rock Disco, Members Free, Guests 60 p, Jam Sessions Welcome (a)
tu 8/11/77: Crisis & Youth (a) (later to Theater Of Hate and Death In June), , Youthanasia, The Plague
w 9/11/77: Audition Night: Kassels (a), Enemies Of The World (a) Generatrion X (a) - Adm. 50 p.
th 10/11/77: Dead Fingers Talk (a), Backlash (a), Rabies (a)
f 11/11/77: The Depressions (a)(l), The Mistakes (Roxy Band) (a), Acme Sewage Co. (a)
sa 12/11/77: Menace (a), Blitz (Roxy Band) (a), The Red Light (a)
su 13/11/77: Punk Rock Disco, Members Free, Guests 60 p, Jam Sessions Welcome (a)
tu 15/11/77: Why Not (a), Berlin (a)
w 16/11/77: Audition Night: Open Saw (a) ought to be Open Sore, Charlie & The Clock, The Springs - Adm. 50 p.
th 17/11/77: The Outsiders (a), The Automatics (a), Goats (a) ought to be Billy Karloff & The Goats
f 18/11/77: Wasps (a), The Tickets (a)(l), The Shoplifters (a)
sa 19/11/77: Metal Urbain (a) (later to Metal Boys and Dr. Mix), Blunt Instrument (a), The Tarts (a)
su 20/11/77: Punk Rock Disco, Members Free, Guests 50 p, Jam Sessions Welcome (a)
tu 22/11/77: Destroyers (a), Peroxide Romance (a)
w 23/11/77: Spanker (a), The Jets (a) - Adm. 50 p.
th 24/11/77: London (a), Rabies (a), The Tarts (a)
f 25/11/77: Suburban Studs (a), Blitz (a), The Mistakes (a), UK Subs (a)
sa 26/11/77: Mean Street (a), Bears (a), Shoplifters (a)(l)
su 27/11/77: Punk Rock Disco, Members Free, Guests 50 p, Jam Sessions Welcome (a)
tu 29/11/77: Leroy Zoom (a) might be Larry Zoom, Plastics (a) (later to The Teenbeats and Tranvision Vamp)
w 30/11/77: Audition Night: Exorcist (a), Suffocation (a) - Adm. 50 p.

(?/12/77: Wayne County, Chelsea?)
th 1/12/77: Dirty Dogs (a), Raped (a), The Tickets (a)(l), Bazooka Joe (l)
f 2/12/77: The Depressions (a)(l), Youthenasia (a), Charge (a)(l)
sa 3/12/77: The Valves (a), Crisis (a), The Heat (a), DJ Jerry Floyd (a)
su 4/12/77: Punk Rock Disco, Members Free, Guests 50 p, Jam Sessions Welcome & Wanted (a)
tu 6/12/77: Assault (a), Blood Donor (a), Jesus Savage
w 7/12/77: Audition Night: Nazi (a), Jets (a) - Adm. 50 p.
th 8/12/77: UK Subs (a), Acme Sewage Co. (a), Open Sore (a)
f 9/12/77: Streets (a), Youthenasia (a), The Defects (a)
sa 10/12/77: Menace (a), Backlash (a), Void (a)
su 11/12/77: Punk Disco, Members Free, Guests 50 p, Jam Sessions Welcome, Applications To Club Manager (a)
tu 13/12/77: XL5 (a), The Visitors (a)(l), The Vamp (l)
w 14/12/77: Audition Night: Pitful (a), The Furs (a), Jesus Savage - Adm. 50 p.
th 15/12/77: The Brakes (a), Perverse Velvet (a), Spanker (a)
f 16/12/77: Adam & The Ants (a), The Red Lights (a), The Tax Exiles (a), Billy Karloff & The Goats
sa 17/12/77: The Depressions (a), Acme Sewage Co. (a), Open Sore (a), Raped
su 18/12/77: Punk Disco, Jam Sessions, Members Free, Guests 50 p (a)
tu 20/12/77: Audition Night: Godsteeth (a)(l), Julie & The Filmstars (a), Billy Karloff & The Goats - Adm. 30 p.
w 21/12/77: Audition Night: Smack (a), Hampsters (a), Berlin (a) - Adm. 50 p.
th 22/12/77: Sham 69 (a)(l), Masterswitch (a), Blitz (a), Menace (a), The Mistakes (l) - Adm. 75 p.
f 23/12/77: Sham 69 (a)(l), Masterswitch (a), Blitz (a), Menace (a) - Adm. 75 p.
sa 24/12/77: Blitz (a), Raped (a), Plastix (a), Exorcist (a), Peroxide Romance, Open Sore - 24 hour Xmas Party
su 25/12/77: Peroxide Romance, Plastix, Raped, Open Sores, Blitz, The Tickets, The Goats, Wrist, Action, UK Subs, The Jets, The Streets
m 26/12/77: The Tickets, Billy Karloff & The Goats, Blitz, The Jets, Plastix
tu 27/12/77: Last Resort (a), G.B.H. (a), Wrist Action, UK Subs, The Streets, Jesus Savage - Adm. 30 p.
w 28/12/77: Audition Night: Unorthadox (a), Benzine Jag (a) might be B. Fag, Neon Hearts (l) - Adm. 50 p.
th 29/12/77: Mean Street (a),Puncture (a), Jesus Savage, Billy Karloff & The Goats (a)
f 30/12/77: The Crabs (a), Plastix (a), The Streets (a)
sa 31/12/77: Recording of 'Farewell To The Roxy' (released 5/4/78)

su 1/1/78: Recording of 'Farewell To The Roxy'
m 2/1/78: Recording of 'Farewell To The Roxy' - Adm. £1 each day or £2 for the three days.
These bands played: UK Subs, Billy Karloff & The Goats, The Crabs, Plastix, The Bears, The Tickets, The Red Lights, Acme Sewage Co., The Streets, The Jets, Blitz, Open Sore, XL5, The Pitful (played so awful that none of their songs could be used on the album, that's the reason why UK Subs got two numbers on it!)
tu 3/1/78: XR21 (a), Senile (a)
th 5/1/78: The Plague, Bad News, The Monitor
f 6/1/78: The Bears, Youthanasia, The Tickets
sa 7/1/78: Adam & The Ants, Blitz, The Purge
tu 10/1/78: Audition Night: The Sockets (pre-Purple Hearts), Lixs

th 12/1/78: Blitz, The Shop-Lifters, Perverse Velvet
f 13/1/78: The Pigs, Open Sore, The Heat
sa 14/1/78: Billy Karloff & The Goats, Acme Sewage Co., UK Subs
tu 17/1/78: The Deviators, The Machines
w 18/1/78: Paradise Smell, Desperate Straits
th 19/1/78: Angels, Spanker, The Lasers
f 20/1/78: The Plague (l), Crisis, The Purge, The Furs
sa 21/1/78: Adam & The Ants, Richard III, Plastix
tu 24/1/78: Schmo (l), (The Drug) Addix (w/ Kirsty MacColl, aka Mandy Doubt)
w 25/1/78: Chaos, The Aliens
th 26/1/78: The Depressions, Blitz, Xtraverts, The Night (l)
f 27/1/78: Steve Hooker Band (l) (ex-The Heat), The Features, Bad News
sa 28/1/78: Adam & The Ants (l), Virus, Perverse Velvet

w 1/2/78: Interference, The Thrillers
th 2/2/78: The Depressions (l), The Plague, Sychodelic
f 3/2/78: Handbag, The Zips, The Lasers
sa 4/2/78: Menace, The Purge, Raped
m 6/2/78: Dillinger, Zabandip, Psalms, Red
tu 7/2/78: Checkmate, Solo, Saboteurs
w 8/2/78: Nazi, Revenge
th 9/2/78: Demon Preacher (Nik Fiend, later of Alien Sex Fiend; Max Splodge, later to Splodgenessabounds; Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley, later Hanoi Rocks), Charge (l), Schmo (l)
f 10/2/78: Mothers Pride, Open Sore, Leyton Buzzards
sa 11/2/78: Blitz, The Vamp, Crisis, Virus
su 12/2/78: The Plague, Mothers Pride, Billy Karloff & The Goats
tu 14/2/78: Works, The Bodies
w 15/2/78: The Sane, Unknown
th 16/2/78: Acme Sewage Co., Lockjaw, The Vamp
f 17/2/78: The Plague (l), The Red Lights, Perverse Velvet
sa 18/2/78: Blitz, Handbag (l), Angelo Paladino
su 19/2/78: Billy Karloff & The Goats, Mothers Pride, The Plague, The Mistakes
m 21/2/78: Rubber Ball, The Sweaters, Laughing Gas
tu 22/2/78: Soho Jets, Dresden
w 23/2/78: The Depressions, The Meat, Anorak
th 24/2/78: Menace (l), UK Subs, Zipps
f 25/2/78: Mean Street, The Lasers, Exorcist
sa 26/2/78: Mothers Pride, The Plague, The Public, Matt Vinyl & The Decorators, French Lessons
tu 29/2/78: Blood Sports, Jerry Jam Rag, The Afterbirth

w 1/3/78: The Fringe, Matiks, Rottin' Clits
th 2/3/78: Handbag
f 3/3/78: Blitz, The Works, Social Class IV
sa 4/3/78: The Depressions (l), Patrik Fitzgerald (l), Schmo, Cowards
su 5/3/78: Patrik Fitzgerald, Mothers Pride
tu 7/3/78: X-Films, The Lepers, Abortion
w 8/3/78: Magnet, Wasted, Stalag 16
th 9/3/78: Handbag
f 10/3/78: Zipps, Tax Exiles, The Vamp
sa 11/3/78: French Lessons, The Plague, Perverse Velvet
su 12/3/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
w 15/3/78: Samuel Goodnight, The Pistols
f 17/3/78: Landscape (l), Berlin, UK Subs
sa 18/3/78: Cyanide, The Vamp, The Public
su 19/3/78: Mean Street, Billy Karloff & The Goats
tu 21/3/78: Audition Night: Nazi, Sinex
w 22/3/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
th 23/3/78: Handbag
f 24/3/78: The Mekons, The Tarts, Soho Jets
sa 25/3/78: Blitz, The Dead, The Plague
su 26/3/78: Magnet, A.P.B.
tu 28/3/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
w 29/3/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
th 30/3/78: Handbag
f 31/3/78: Eater, Passengers

sa 1/4/78: The Bodies, Teenage Skins
su 2/4/78: The Streets
m 3/4/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
w 5/4/78: Parazone, Macfocahest
th 6/4/78: Handbag, The Lepers
f 7/4/78: The Zipps, Soho Jets
sa 8/4/78: The Mean Street, Cynex, The Public
su 9/4/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
m 10/4/78: Spotty Dogs, The Clap
w 12/4/78: Injection
th 13/4/78: Handbag (l), Beggar (with designer Mike Slocombe on drums)
f 14/4/78: Captain Comedown (Clive Leach, Adam Blake & Gordon Leach later to The Treatment), The Bodies, Brains

sa 15/4/78: Bill Kreme, The Lasers
m 17/4/78: Spotty Dogs, The Clap
tu 18/4/78: Northwood
w 19/4/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands
th 20/4/78: Handbag (l), Northwood
f 21/4/78: Blitz, Gotham City, Swing Band
sa 22/4/78: Tiger Ashby, Sinex, Passengers (l)
su 23/4/78: The Clap
m 24/4/78: Audition Night: Mystery bands

Compiled by Mark Brennan, Mario Panciera, George Girmarc, John Esplen, Ian Ballard, Dave Ferguson, John Osborne, Ronny Rocker, Trygve Mathiesen, Stewart Osborne and Penny Rimbaud. Thanks to Asbjørn Bakke for keeping his and Svein Paulsen's old NME's.

(l) = listed in NME's Weekly Nationwide Gig Guide
(a) = advertised in NME
(r) = reviewed in NME

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Lars Kolberg: Sort Blod

Summoning: With Doom We Come

Westhagen: Time To Leave Things Behind

Deep Purple: De gamle er fortsatt eldst!

Fremmed Rase: «Det e’ så varmt inn hær!»

Løkki: Hva norsk musikk trenger akkurat nå.